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Rotomolding Plastics For The Future.

Dura-Cast was founded in 1956 to produce durable plastic products using the rotational molding process, also known as rotomolding. Specialized rotomolding machines provide for multi-axis rotational molding: the process of forming a hollow, plastic container with an even wall thickness in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Their first polyethylene plastic products were rotomolded for the local cattle industry. With the plant centrally located in Lake Wales, Florida, Dura-Cast produced lick feeders and feed troughs through the mid 1980’s. In 1987, Bruce Orcutt acquired the company and expanded the company’s product lines as they started rotomolding polyethylene water and holding tanks for Boston Whaler and Sea Ray boat builders.

Dura-Cast grew and quickly became known within the Florida boatbuilding industry for its quality products and customer responsiveness. Since those early days, most of the well-known boat and yacht builders located in the Southeast use Dura-Cast rotomolded water and holding tanks.

As Dura-Cast became known as a rotomolder of plastic products, other Florida-based companies approached the company to provide plastic products for their needs. This required the company to expand its expertise and the number of rotomolding machines to meet the increased demand for Dura-Cast’s standard product lines as well as the growing custom products division. Under the leadership of the Orcutt Family, Dura-Cast is proud to celebrate more than 30 years of growth.

Dura-Cast takes pride in working with clients throughout the United States and abroad to ensure that the client’s concepts are brought to reality. Dura-Cast’s added key personnel who expanded upon the existing rotomolding expertise, and the team’s combined knowledge and dedication ensures a quality, rotomolded product that lasts. Dura-Cast can provide a single, unique custom product or run thousands of identical products – all meeting the same quality and production standards on which they have built their reputation. If you need a poly-plastic product in a custom or unique shape or size, consider a Dura-Cast rotomolded plastic product.