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Dura-Cast has the largest commercially available rotational molding (rotomolding) machine located in Florida. It is capable of manufacturing products up to 20 feet long or 12 feet in diameter. When this machine is added to the ten other machines that Dura-Cast operates, many thousands of high quality products can be produced on-time each week. This available rotomolding capacity is most important when a customer’s order is due and the unexpected happens. Our manufacturing team is trained to rapidly move the mold to a new machine and continue production with minimal loss of throughput. This ensures that customers who rely on us for tight Just in Time (JIT) deliveries can continue their manufacturing without interruption.


There are five basic steps involved in Rotational Molding:


Step 1: Pre-measured plastic resins are put into a mold for either a standard product or a custom part

Step 2. The mold is closed and heated to melt the resin while being rotated on both vertical and horizontal axes. This multiple-axis movement enables the plastic resin to evenly coat all areas of the inside of the mold, creating a uniform wall thickness.

Step 3. Once the predetermined resin thickness is achieved, the mold is moved into a cooling area, continuing to rotate until the plastic hardens and sets.

Step 4. When cooling is complete, our team opens the mold and removes the completed part.  The mold can then be reloaded to manufacture an identical part, or a different mold can be attached to cast an entirely new product.

Step 5: The completed item is taken to a team for the final finishing touches to ensure the product meets our quality standards and is ready to ship