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The Dura-Cast Facility

Situated on 14 acres in Lake Wales, Florida, Dura-Cast has been focused on strategically growing our facility to increase capacity, and currently we enjoy more than 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The plant includes space for raw material storage, blending, and processing; product finishing and quality inspection; classified manufacturing and storage; enclosed and outside warehousing; executive offices; quality testing; and plastic recycling and re-use. The Dura-Cast Transportation division provides custom trucking services to meet the demanding delivery schedules of our customers.

We manufacture, distribute, and sell a number of product lines under our own Dura-Cast product logo. These product lines include industrial tanks for potable water, chemicals, liquids or granulated solids; water and holding tanks for marine, general purpose, and RV use; agricultural products for the cattle and citrus industry; carts and trucks for the linen and laundry industry; rigid polyliners and roll-out trash containers for the refuse industry. These product lines are sold directly to end users or to resellers and distributors for resale.