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Garment Bars


  1. Carts with permanently installed garmet bars provide only one-way transportation; and thus, are expensive to runDuraCast Linen Master Garment Series
  2. When garmet bars fail: clean garments fall and become soiled;therefore, the carts are unusable
  3. Black oxidation from alumnium garment bars soils clean garments


Aluminum garment bars are not reliable, and permanently installed garment bars limited the usefulness of the cart.

Dura Cast has introduced a new removable stainless steel top mount garment bar designed to provide the temporary bar space required to handle hanging garments, costumes, uniforms, table cloths, etc. Once hanging garments are delivered, the bar is lifted off and the cart reverts back to its traditional use as a bulk laundry cart. The Removable Top Mount Garment Bar is a revolutionary design for those laundry operations where added versatility is a benefit and adaptability increases return on investment.

The Removable Top Mount Garment Bar is constructed of stainless steel for structural strength, long life, and extended good appearance.  The stainless steel rod and welded-on end caps provide the strength required to handle those heavy hanging garment loads. Unlike aluminum garment bars, stainless steel garment bars do’t oxidize and create a black substance that rubs off on hands, cloths, and garments.

Removable Top Mount Garment Bars are custom sized to fit most standard laundry carts. Please indicate the width of you laundry carts when ordering.


Stainless Steel bar and end plates provide the strength and durability to stand up to the heaviest hanging garment loads. Bar to end plate welds are stronger than traditional aluminum welds and provide many more years of uninterrupted service. Stainless steel will not create the black oxidation that aluminum does so hanging garments will not become soiled when they come in contact with our garment bars.


Stainless Steel Toughest material that won’t rust
Permanent Mounted Bar End plates are bolted to cart sides for strength
Removable Top Mounted Bar Temporarily converts laundry cart to garment cart
Heavy Duty Load Capacity Tested to hold a full bar of hangered table cloths