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Kake Karts

The LinenMaster Kake Kart is a new generation cart designed from the inputs of laundry professionals to meet ergonomic standards for today’s smaller workforce.DuraCast Laundry Kake Kart

The Dura-Cast Design Team designed the Kake Kart to ease arm and back stress-related injuries for operators working with linen cakes. Tunnel washers produce round “cakes” that are loaded into a cart for transportation and separation. The Kake Kart is shaped like the round linen cakes produced by tunnel washers. Because it doesn’t distort the shape of the load, linen cakes can be separated more easily. Load distortions caused by rectangular carts result in excessive strain on operators who must separate the load. The round cart permits the load to retain its shape, eliminates load distortion, and allows operators to separate the load with reduced arm and back stress.

Strength and long-term durability are accomplished through the integrated rolled top edge. The inside diameter of the cart matches that of the cake. Four swivel casters permit easy movement and the tapered sides allow the carts to be nested for small-footprint shipment or floor storage. High-density linear polyethylene resin ensures that your cart will continue to perform for years in the toughest of conditions.