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Secure Bulk Trucks

The LinenMaster 48 – Secure Bulk Trucks are available with hinged Drop-Down Front Door, and either a Single-Piece Top or a Two-Piece Split Top. The front door and top combination can be secured to provide tamper resistance. One-piece Front Enclosures keep contents inside the cart.

 DuraCast Linen Master DROP-DOWN FRONT DOOR
The hinged Drop-Down Front Door secures contents when closed and drops flat against the cart when opened, permitting easy front access to cart contents.
 DuraCast Linen Master 48 SINGLE-PIECE TOP
The Single-Piece Top secure bulk truck keeps contents in and contaminants out. Security options provide tamper resistance. The top slides back to permit access to the top of the cart and allows the front door to be opened.
 DuraCast LM 48 Split-Top TWO-PIECE SPLIT TOP
The Two-Piece Split Top secure bulk truck permits access to the top area by easily opening each of the split top panels to the sides. Security options provide tamper resistance. Place the secured cart directly against a wall and still have access to the top of the cart without the hassle of moving the cart away from the wall.
 DuraCast LM 48 Front Closure FRONT CLOSURE
Front Closures are ideal for those times when contents must not fall out of the cart and a top isn’t required.  This secure bulk truck is made with high density polyethylene; the Front Closure simply slides into the cart’s front “V” opening, and cart contents can’t fall out. Front Closures are available in a variety of colors to meet your specifications.
 DuraCast LM 48 Specialty Cart SPECIALTY CARTS
Custom colors, mold-in graphics, and optional features are available to personalize our standard carts for your unique requirements. The LinenMaster 48  has increased durability and strength, is ergonomically effective, and offers increased operator efficiency. This is a bulk linen truck that you can confidently display your molded-in logo for all to see.