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Citrus Tubs

The 10-Box Citrus Tubs are designed and manufactured to withstand many years of hard use in Florida’s citrus groves. Tubs fit  standard 10-box rings and can be purchased as:DuraCast Yellow Citrus Tub

  • Replacement tubs only (without ring or ring mounting hardware
  • Replacement tubs with ring mounting hardware
  • Complete tubs with ring and ring mounting hardware
  • Colors: Yellow, Red or Black

Also Available:

DuraCast Citrus Tub Reinforcing RingsCitrus Tub Rings ONLY


10-Box Citrus Tubs are molded of polyethylene resin compunded with UV stabilizers to extend their life and durability. Because our Citru Tubs are rotationally molded and manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry, we offer a 4-year replacement warranty from date of manufacture.

Citrus tubs can take a lot of abuse in the groves. The quality of the tub can determine whether the picked citrus crop will be contained and handled reliably or whether valuable time is spent recovering the already once-picked crop from the ground.

Dura-Cast 10-Box Citrus Tubs are designed to resist:DuraCast Citrus Tubs

  • Cracking due to brittleness caused by cold morning, temperatures
  • Cracking caused by high UV exposure from Florida’s hot sun
  • Bottom Failure because tubs are dropped or have full loads
  • Failure of ring mounting holes due to thin tub walls
  • Tub cracks lengthening because of low quality resin

Dura-Cast uses the best quality materials to manufacture our 10-Box Citrus Tubs. High quality resins stand up better to enviromental elements, and resist tears, cracks, and bottom failures. Dura-Cast citrus tubs will remain usable for many years. Our X-bottom exceeds the strength of any other tub on the market today.DuraCast Citrus Tubs

DuraCast Citrus Tubs

Download a detailed sketch (PDF) of DuraCast's Citrus Tubs