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Post Feeders

Our new livestock post feeder has a smooth and rounded shape and is designed for use with a variety of livestock.  It can be mounted on any standard 4 x 4 post (actual 3-1/2” x 3-1/2”) at any level to provide clean feeding at the preferred height to the animal.

The feeder is molded one piece out of our black “super-tuff” polyethylene and is fully UV stabilized and is FDA approved.  The resin is non-toxic to the animals if they chew it.  The unit has double wall construction for strength and will fully drain the inner feed box of rainwater.


The Dura-Cast 30-Gallon Livestock Oasis Water Reservoir is designed to be put into use and then forgotten.  The unit is molded in a double-wall construction providing an insulating effect for the water as well as being strong, lightweight and completely portable.  It can be used by a single animal with the unit placed in the corner, or a community watering reservoir placed in the middle of the paddock or corral.

The planter can be emptied, taken with the animals to display and quickly set back up.  It is rotationally molded out of high impact polyethylene which is FDA approved and completely harmless if chewed and swallowed.  The product material is UV stabilized, has a soft, smooth design with no sharp corners or metal hardware to get caught on. You hook a live water hose to the bottom of the unit, open your water spigot and the float valve will maintain a water level in the tank.