Poly-Bushel Carts

We created Poly-Bushel Carts with a nimble design that can be configured with one, two, or four compartments to better sort contents.  It provides increased functionality while using the same footprint, and meets the ergonomic requirements for today’s workforce.  As an additional design aspect, Dura-Cast lowered the sides of the side sections of the cart by 3.5″ in order to make contents more easily accessible to operators regardless of height.

Long-term durability is accomplished through integrated rolled top edges and Dura-Cast’s unique ribbed construction; carts can be nested both for efficient shipping and for storage when they are not in use. High-density linear polyethylene resin ensures that your cart will continue to perform for years in the toughest of conditions. You can configure the 16 poly-bushel cart to your requirements by selecting one of the many caster configurations available.

Optional Spring Bottoms automatically adjust the height of the load so that operators do not have to bend into the cart to remove final items. This minimizes repetitive motion injuries that result from bending and stretching, and more closely matches the ergonomic requirements for today’s workforce.  Springs are covered with fabric sleeves to prevent springs from catching cart contents.

Lids will contain and protect your cart contents from outside contamination, ensuring contents will arrive at their destination unsoiled and ready for use. Lid color can be customized to your specifications, and Dura-Cast can install a variety of locking mechanisms to the lid to provide increased security and tamper resistance.

Slip-in Cart Dividers permit the cart to be sectioned into either two or four sorting compartments. What this means to you is that a single 16 poly-bushel cart can now take the place of four traditional carts, increasing efficiency and available floor space. When the task is complete, operators can move a single cart of sorted materials instead of multiple carts.  Dividers allow the 16 poly-bushel to be configured as a two or four compartment cart. When you require a traditional cart, simply remove the slip-in dividers to create a single compartment . The versatility offered by the 3-in-1 cart dividers will result in increased productivity, lower costs, and higher profits.

Click HERE to view specific sizing and dimensions for the Poly-Bushel Carts.