Custom Solutions

Our Custom Design team is equipped and prepared to guide your initial concept through the interactive design process as, together, we work towards a final product that exceeds your expectations. The full team, comprising our Quality Control Manager, Lead Design Engineer, Mold Fabrication Manager, Production Manager, and Sales Manager, collaborate with you to identify your specific needs and explore solutions with you. Once the project requirements have been fully outlined, the Lead Engineer will create the design and review with you the design prototype. When the design has met your satisfaction, the Mold Fabrication Manager takes the lead on the project and builds the stainless steel mold that will be used to manufacture your project.

Once the mold is complete, we run a First Article to ensure the molded part meets the requirements outlined during the design process and our exacting quality specifications. Once everyone has given their approval of the final product, the Production Manager will schedule the project to run on one of our 12 rotational molding machines. 

Project DiscussionFrom the initial conversation through the project’s completion, you will see firsthand our team’s knowledge, experience, and expertise in Design Engineering that results in rotationally molded plastic solutions that work for you.  We approach every challenge as an opportunity to impress you with our commitment to ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today and explore what custom solutions we can create for you!