We understand the importance of secure and safe collection vessels for used cooking oil, or yellow grease. Our Design Engineering team created a line of polyethylene collector tanks that are ideal for restaurants and rendering facilities to collect and store used cooking oil for recycling. These tanks are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and rust proof, giving you a clean looking tank that provides a safe and secure storage solution.

These collector tanks are impervious to cleaning and sanitizing agents, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20º Fahrenheit to as high as 120º Fahrenheit.  Molded as one-piece construction, the tanks have no seams that can crack or fail, providing a storage solution that will perform reliably for years to come.

We are committed to our mission to provide customers with unmatched quality products and an exceptional customer experience. Click here to view warranty information, and see below for details on our various used cooking oil collection tanks.


Dura-Cast developed the Collector Tank™ specifically for on-site storage of used cooking oil.

Collector Tanks are designed to provide either indoor or outdoor containment for 80, 125, 200, 275, or 325 gallons of used cooking oil. These polyethylene tanks are lightweight, strong, durable, and will clean up easily for years of use while retaining their appearance.

Molded from polyethylene resin, the Collector Tanks have been designed  using structural models that permit tanks to withstand hot oils up to 140°F. Ergonomic principles were applied with a lower fill area for easier pouring, while the built-in recessed filler basket and splash panels help contain spillage and prevent large particles from entering the tank.

Covers and lids were designed to minimize odors, keep out rain, and provide secured access through an 8″ pump-out port. Optional secured access ports on the 200 and the 275 gallon tanks permit easy pump-out from the opposite end of the tank or easy access to the inside surfaces for cleaning.

The tank and the lid can be customized with different colors to match your company colors or your customer’s colors. Company name, logo, and phone number can be permanently embedded with molded-in graphics to increase company and brand exposure.


The 80 gallon tank is designed for smaller sites that require on-site storage capacity and for sites that require frequent pick-ups.  The tank measures 44″ x 27″ x 29″ and weighs approximately 57 lbs. when empty. This tank can have an optional caster base for portability.


The 125 gallon tank is designed for smaller sites that require on-site storage capacity and for sites that require frequent pick-ups.  The tank measures 44″ x 27″ x 39″ and weighs approximately 72 lbs. when empty. The 125 gallon collector tank is compatible with our caster base and tie down bands for ease of portability.


The 200 gallon tank is targeted for medium sized facilities. The integrated fill basket and splash panel rotate to allow filling from three sides. Direct oil feeds from fryers can be plumbed to the 2″ dedicated fill port, while secured access for pump-outs can be done directly through the integrated basket or through the 8″ access port. Interlocking side ribs facilitate side stacking for efficient shipping & distribution. Tank hold-down tabs may be used to secure the tank in location. The 200 gallon collector tank measures 60″ x 34.75″ x 38″ and weighs approximately 115 lbs. when empty.


The 275 gallon tank provides on-site storage to reduce the number of cost consuming pick-ups and maximize profits. Tank hold-down tabs may be used to secure the tank in location. This tank measures 62.5″ x 41.5″ x 32.5″ and weighs approximately 100 lbs. when empty. The tank has an extra 16″ access port and separate fill basket area with odor-sealing cover; you can personalize the tank with stenciling and mold-in graphics.


Like the 275 gallon tank, the 325 gallon tank provides an excellent resource for on-site storage of used cooking oil. The tank is 61″ long and 41.5″ wide; the height with the lid closed is 42.6″ with an additional 26″ needed for clearance to fully open the lid.  The 325 gallon tank features both an 8″ tethered vented manway and fill basket as well as a 16″ access port. The tank can be customized with the resin color, stenciling, and graphics of your choice.


The versatile Under-the-Counter Caddy fits beneath most counters to store and transport up to 50 gallons of used cooking oil. Molded from tough polyethylene, the Caddy resists rusting and corrosion, and features a sliding lid for easy fill, pump-out, and cleaning access.  Mounted on a stainless steel cart with 3″ non-marring casters and an operational 8″ access port built into the lid, you can customize the Under-the-County Caddy with your company colors and molded-in branding.


The topper was specifically designed to fit the top of standard 55 gallon plastic and steel drums, providing you with a secure, on-site containment option. The barrel topper can be easily installed by one person, and provides a convenient pump-out and cleaning solution. Molded with polyethylene resin, the Barrel Topper won’t rust or corrode, giving you a durable and secure storage option.