Citrus Tubs

Citrus tubs must withstand some harsh treatment in the groves: the quality of the tub can determine whether the picked crop will be contained and handled reliably, or whether valuable time is spent recovering the once-picked crop from the ground when a tub fails. Our 10-Box Citrus Tubs are molded of polyethylene resin compounded with UV-stabilizers to extend their life and durability, while the X-bottom in the tub provides strength that exceeds that of other tubs available on the market today. Because they are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry, we offer a 4-year replacement warranty from date of manufacture.  These factors create a 10-Box Citrus Tub with superior quality that will remain functional for years to come. What this means to you is that you can have confidence in the structural integrity and durability of these tubs to safely contain and transport your harvest.
Our tubs fit standard 10-box rings, which can be purchased as complete tubs with ring & ring mounting hardware, or as replacement tubs with or without the ring and mounting hardware. Replacement citrus tub rings are also available independent of purchasing a tub. Standard colors for the tubs are yellow, red, or black resin; tubs are also available in a variety of custom colors.