Lick Feeders

We manufacture Lick Feeders in a variety of sizes to suit every agricultural need; feeders are available in a range of color combinations and you have the option of molding-in your logo onto the base.

Dura-Cast 400 Gallon Lick Feeder

Measurements: Height: 42” | Width: 77” | Weight: 120 lbs.

The 400 Gallon Lick Feeders are a proven one-piece design with four lick wheels. This Feeder features all stainless steel hardware, a 17″x 2″ lid for easy access, and a 2″ drain for effective and efficient cleaning.

Dura-Cast 280 Gallon Lick Feeder

Measurements: Height: 38” | Width: 67” | Weight: 108 lbs. 

We manufacture our 280 Gallon Lick Feeders with both a two wheel and four wheel configuration, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs. The two-piece design easily snaps together and features all stainless steel hardware; this product can also be nested to offer an easy shipping option.

Dura-Cast 140 Gallon Lick Feeder

Measurements: Height: 34” | Width: 43” | Weight: 66 lbs.

Our 140 Gallon Lick Feeder is a sturdy, one-piece construction with two wheels, making it ideal for feeding your livestock in small spaces. The Feeder features an 8″ vented manway lid and a 2″ drain for easy and effective cleaning.

Dura-Cast 130 Gallon Lick Feeder

Measurements: Height: 36” | Width: 52” | Weight: 55 lbs.

We designed this 130 Gallon Lick Feeder as a two piece construction, featuring three lick wheels. The 5.5″ fill lid aids provides a convenient filling option, while the 2″ drain allows for easy and effective cleaning. The two-piece construction means that this product can nest, offering an easy shipping option.

Transport Feeders Easily with Glides

Tow glides are designed to help you move your feeder to various locations in the pasture. We offer tow glides for the 400, 280, and 130 gallon feeders; they are a one-piece, heavy duty disc with steel reinforced connecting point, making the task of relocating feeders on your property easy and efficient.