Flare Trucks

We created the LinenMaster Flare Truck with angled sides, permitting large loads to expand into the space rather than being compressed. This allows operators to separate linens easier and with significantly less back strain.  The operator’s knees will fit under the top most portion of the flared side, allowing them to bend at the knees rather than only from the back. Minimizing back strain directly correlates to reduced worker’s compensation claims.

The integrated rolled top edge and Dura-Cast’s unique semicircular ribbed construction provide strength and durability. Flare Trucks can be nested for efficient shipping and for storage when not in use. Dura‑Cast’s Poly-Base won’t rust or corrode, and bolt-through caster mounting ensures a long, useful truck life. High‑density linear polyethylene resin ensures that your LinenMaster Flare Truck will continue to perform for years in the toughest of conditions.

Option Spring Bottoms automatically adjust the height of the load so that operators do not have to bend into the cart to remove the final items. This minimizes the repetitive motion injuries that result from bending and stretching and more closely matches the ergonomic requirements for today’s workforce.

Stainless steel springs are enclosed in fabric sleeves to prevent cart contents from becoming soiled, and ensures that personnel cannot be pinched while springs are extended. Hinged end flaps prevent items from slipping underneath the spring bottom.

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