LinenMaster Xchange Truck

The LinenMaster XChange™ Truck was designed to meet the ergonomic requirements for today’s workforce.  Xtra-Lite™ shelves and shelf channels allow the truck to quickly convert from handling clean shelved linens to soiled bulk linens.  Integrated semicircular braces, damage resistant 270º radius corners, and the steel-reinforced poly base provide strength and long-term durability. The unique anti-bulging roll top provides twice the stability of traditional trucks.

The truck retains its shape without metal reinforcements, which reduces the overall weight of the truck, and can withstand years of continuous performance in tough working conditions.

The unique recessed panel design eliminates flat-side scratching and gouging, while critical truck numbering and custom lettering is protected and the original factory polishing remains intact for the life of the truck.

This truck is built for rugged utility. Optional mold-in graphics allow you to display your company’s name and logo, while optional stenciling provides shorter term identification or tare weights.

The optional molded hinged lid with Velcro front closure secures and protects contents, eliminating the need for awkward, high-maintenance cart covers.

The top shelf locks into the raised position to provide easy access to the lower shelf.

Ergonomic hand-holds are reinforced for operator ease and are placed strategically to provide workers with better control when the truck is fully loaded. The stainless steel pull bar offers an additional grasping point to manage the Xchange truck.